A new kind of oil-based gel concentrate for dry skin that is particularly in need of care. It restores demanding skin’s lipid component; just one drop instantly and lastingly smooths and regenerates the skin.

Effects and Benefits:

  • Provides the skin with a strong regeneration trigger and offers rapid relief for stressed skin areas.
  • Stimulating, nourishing and vitalizing.
  • Ceramides prevent moisture loss, repair the skins lipid barrier, stabilizes the lipid balance and instantly and lastingly smooths rough and dry areas.
  • The skin’s resistance is revitalized and strengthened by vitamin F for better protection.

Active Ingredients:

Matrix Peptide
Vitamin F
Camellia Seed Oil

To use: After cleansing and SOMI, massage in a drop. Then apply a suitable 24-hour-care over the top.

Size: 15ml dispenser