PHYRIS Luxesse Rich is a rich and gentle cream for demanding skin.

Effects and Benefits:

  • Fine lines are immediately and visibly padded and minimized
  • A reduction of mimic lines and fine lines
  • Regeneration and stimulation of lipid synthesis for firmer contours

Filler Hyaluron is a plumping ingredient that deposits itself particularly in gaps under the fine lines and smooths the line from the inside out.
Para Cress Extract results in rapid relaxation of the muscles and skin surface so that mimic lines are lastingly and visibly smoothed. Prevents the further development of mimic lines.
Southernwood Extract stimulates the skin’s lipid synthesis.The structure and firmness of the skin are lastingly improved and the moisture-binding capacity is significantly increased.

Active ingredients:
Filler Hyaluron
Para Cress Extract
Southernwood Extract
South Sea Pearl Extract
Passionflower Oil

To use:
In the morning and evening, after cleansing, SOMI and a suitable eye care, apply a hazelnut-sized amount to face, neck and decollete.

Tip: Due to its rich consistency, Luxesse Rich is the perfect skin care for winter time. It can be combined with day and night care regimens. Luxesse Rich also makes a wonderfully luxurious massage cream.

Size: 50ml jar