PHYRIS Luxesse Vision Face Lift is a high-quality active ingredient elixir with 3-fold anti-aging effect.

Effects and Benefits:

  • Instantly and intensively moisturizes
  • Visible and noticeable firming of the skin, completed by a harmonizing and calming effect
  • Intense refining of the skin relief thanks to a pore minimizing effect

Classic Hyaluron coats the skin surface like a moisture net. Instantly moisturizes and provides intensive hydration
Tiare Flower Extract is an extract from the blossoms of the Tiare Flower. It is firming and calming and gives the skin evenness.
Pistachio Extract is the extract of Wild Pistachio. It is refining and mattifying.

Active ingredients:
Classic Hyaluron
Tiare Flower Extract
Pistachio Extract
South Sea Pearl Extract

To use:

After cleansing and SOMI apply a small amount of Luxesse Vision Face Lift to the face, neck and decollete. Apply a care cream on top of this.

Size: 15ml dispenser