DR. GRANDEL Vitamin Infusion Eye activates and smoothes

Effects and benefits:

  • Maintains the skin’s natural tonicity
  • Smooths and refines the skin
  • Reduces puffiness and minimizes all signs of tiredness
  • Protects against external stress factors

Active Ingredients:

Pomegranate Flower Complex
Complex made from pomegranate flowers (Punica granatum) and Vitamin C, to stimulate the skin’s own collagen synthesis and protect the existing collagen fibers.

Depot Retinol
The most active form of Vitamin A gives the skin the same range of effects as classic Vitamin A, but more efficiently. The positive effect of Retinol on the regeneration and cornification processes is tangible and visible, for example in the reduced depth of lines and wrinkles and a more refined skin texture. In addition, the active ingredient’s lamellar encapsulation ensures a delayed release into the skin in precise doses. This guarantees maximum compatibility and ensures optimum absorption into the skin.

Taurine Complex
Complex made from taurine-rich algae (Jania rubens) and carrageen, for reducing swelling, signs of tiredness, and lines and wrinkles. It also protects against external stress factors. For an evenly fresh radiance.

Mango Extract
An extract of mango (fruit pulp) to protect against external stress factors such as free radicals, and to support the skin’s moisture content.

To use:

Apply a small amount to the eye area in the morning and/or evening after cleansing. Then use a suitable moisturizing cream.

Size: 20ml roll-on tube