Immediate moisture boost


  • Intensively moisturizes the skin and improves its
    moisture level
  • Refreshes the skin and supplies it with minerals

Active Ingredients:

Micro Hyaluron
Low-molecular hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its low molecular weight, Micro Hyaluron has the ability to penetrate more deeply into the skin and provide it with moisture, even deep down. It can be absorbed into the skin and store water in the connective tissue. The skin is firmed and lines and wrinkles are reduced.

Brown Algae Complex
This complex is a combination of alginic acid (from brown algae) and silicon. It is particularly well known for providing the skin with intensive and long-lasting moisture.

To use:
Spray onto skin after cleansing in the morning, evening and whenever needed, and allow to absorb for a short time. Depending on the skin requirement, apply a moisturizing face or body cream afterwards.

Size: 50ml dispenser