24-Hour hydrating gel with hyaluron


  • Moisturizing and cooling
  • Decongesting, reduces swelling
  • Smoothes and firms the eye zone
  • Perfect for contact lens wearers because they are fat-free

Active Ingredients:

Classic Hyaluronic Acid
High-molecular hyaluronic acid, biotechnologically obtained. It forms a moisturizing film, which lies on the surface of the skin and ensures an instantly smoothing and intensively moisturizing effect.

Ivy Extract
Extract from the leaves of the ivy (Hedera helix), with astringent properties to counteract swelling. The extract leaves the skin feeling firmer and protects it from stress-related irritations.

Field Horsetail Extract
This extract of field horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is rich in minerals, secondary plant substances and essential lipids. It supports the elasticity and regeneration of the skin and leaves it looking firmer and smoother.

To Use:
After cleaning and before the skin care cream, apply to the eye zone in the morning and in the evening.

Size: 15ml pump