BIODROGA SPECIAL CARE Firming Throat & Decollete Treatment, 50ml

BIODROGA SPECIAL CARE Firming Throat & Decollete Treatment, 50ml


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The SPECIAL CARE Firming Throat and Decollete Care is specially formulated to care for the extremely delicate and fine skin of the throat and decollete area and visibly firms it.

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  • Delays and diminishes age signs of throat and decollete
  • Has a firming anti-wrinkle effect
  • Strengthens and firms “supporting” decollete tissue
  • Regulates and intensively retains skin moisture
  • Conditions and smooths dry skin of throat and decollete

Active Ingredients:

Wheat protein reached a directly visible smoothing effect. It improves the elasticity of the skin, creating lines and wrinkles.

Bio-Bustyl® improves the function of the supporting connective tissue. The skin is given smoothness and elasticity, the skin and the “holder” of the breast is stimulated and strengthened.

Hydraprotectol SM® imparts double moisture in perfect synergy: on the one side it stabilizes the hydro-lipid film and supplies the upper dermal layers instantly with moisture, on the other it strenghtens the „intercellular cementation“ of the horny layer. The cohesion of the cells is improved thus increasing the moisture-binding capacity of the skin. Moreover, skin is protected against excessive moisture loss.

Codiavelane® is a long-time moisturizer and maintains the moisture also when exposed to high stress – comparable to the effect of a sponge. This alga extract hydrates the entire epidermis, protects skin against dryness and has a smoothing effect. It imparts new energy to the intercellular substance and strengthens skin’s resistance.

Avocado oil smooths dry, flaky skin and stimulates anabolic and regenerating ability of the skin.

To use:
After thorough morning and evening cleansing, stretch throat and apply Throat & Decollete Treatment; massage in using light, circular motions and working downwards from the chin.

Size: 50ml jar

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