Refines the skin appearance, softens wrinkles and pigment spots, smoothes the skin structure, restores skin glow.


• The skin is refined, the skin structure appears smoothed
• With regular use lines and wrinkles are reduced
• Pigment spots gradually fade
• Skin renewal is supported
• The moisture storage capacity of the skin is promoted
• Collagen and hyaluronic synthesis is stimulated
• The skin radiates and looks youthfully fresh

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin B5
Glycolic Acid

To Use:

Use in the evening after cleansing. With a peeling pad gently apply from the center of the face to the outside over the skin. Do not use on the mouth and eye area. Leave on for 1 – 2 minutes, then apply regular care. Apply at least SPF 30 and do not go into direct sunlight after use.

Size: 40pcs