Fine lines and wrinkles, skin irregularities, pigment spots and/or large pores?

BIODROGA MD SKIN BOOSTER Leave-On Anti-Age Acid Serum lets skin as of age 35 breathe again and helps to efficiently and visibly minimize these unpleasant skin conditions. The combination of peeling and intensive conditioning makes this serum a special preparation with excellent anti-aging properties


  • Acid Serum: Peeling and intensive care in one (acid/peptide combination)
  • Ideally suited for demanding skin with fine lines and wrinkles, irregularities, pigment spots and/or large pores
  • Must not be removed, remains on skin
  • Visible effect after just 5 minutes
  • Peels skin by loosening dead skin flakes
  • Supports the skin cell renewal
  • Leaves the skin tone looking more vital, fresh, youthful and smoother at once
  • Provides for an optimal moisture balance of skin
  • Strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Helps to counter cell damages of skin caused by glycation (connective tissue and collagen fibers sticking together)
  • Protects skin against the influences of free radicals
  • Improves the activity of anti-oxidant enzymes
  • Has an anti-aging effect
  • Perfectly penetrates into skin due to its formulation as serum and is highly efficient

Active Ingredients:

AHA acid
Glutathion Mimetic Peptide 2.5%

Attention: Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of the reach of children!

To use:

Preferably use in the evenings. Use as cure max. 2-3 times a week, permanently only once a week. Apply the serum on the finger tips and evenly distribute on cleansed skin. Avoid the eye contours. Let take effect 2-3 minutes. Do not remove. Continue with customary skincare. Use a sun protection (at least SPF 15) during the day

Size: 30ml