BIODROGA MASK Anti-Age Cell Mask, 50ml

BIODROGA MASK Anti-Age Cell Mask, 50ml


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Anti-Age Cell Mask imparts an instant firming effect to skin.

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Anti-Age Cell Mask imparts an instant firming effect to skin. The delicate gel texture firms the facial contours. Due to the cooling formulation, the pores are contracted. The very ingredient-rich mask vitalizes skin’s metabolism. Skin shows a fresh, plump and firm tone. This is considered to be the “firming expert” mask.


  • Firms facial contours
  • Refreshes and smooths skin at once when fine lines appear more visibly after a day full of stress or a short night
  • With regular use, a long-term effect can be reached
  • Hardly any other mask firms in such an intense way and can be applied as close to the eyes
  • Firms where the first lines develop
  • Refines the skin relief and has a cooling effect

To use:
Apply a fine coat to cleansed skin. The texture of the gel mask allows an application close to the lash line. Remove residues after approx. 10 minutes with a moist, well-wrung towel or a moist tissue. Continue with customary skincare. The effect can be improved by a previous exfoliation. The Anti-Age Cell Mask smooths immediately and can be used as a revitalizer, also for young skin. In order to build up a long-term effect, apply the mask 1-2 times a week.

Active Ingredients:
PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica
Licorice root extract
Hamamelis distillate
Pentacare HP®

Size: 50ml tube

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