BIODROGA ENERGIZE & PERFECT Refreshing Eye Fluid, 10ml

BIODROGA ENERGIZE & PERFECT Refreshing Eye Fluid, 10ml


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The fourfold effect of the Energize & Perfect Refreshing Eye Fluid is reached by means of the following composition of ingredients:

CONCEALING: Fine lines disappear optically.

ANTI-AGING: Vitamin E acetate diminishes skin damages caused by UV radiation.

Matrix peptides support skin in the formation of new collagen.

ANTI-PUFFINESS & CONTOURING: Green coffee has a “slimming effect” and counters water deposits.

MOISTURIZING: Codiavelane® imparts a moisture kick to the eye contours.

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  • Offers anti-oxidative protection
  • Supplies skin of eye contours with moisture and binds it long-lastingly.
  • Promises a “lifting-similar” effect
  • Supports the “cosmetic firming” of the upper eyelid
  • Imparts more elasticity and provides for firmed looking facial contours
  • Diminishes water deposits in the face
  • Efficient against dryness lines and crows’ feet
  • Lets dark circles under the eyes look less intensive
  • Optically conceals with wrinkle-filling effect

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin E acetate
Matrix peptides
Green coffee
Light-refracting pigments

To use:
Apply to cleansed skin around the eye area and pat in gently using fingertips.

Size: 10ml roll-on bottle

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