ANTI-Pollution & Inflamm-Aging Serum aids two problems that we all encounter living in this modern age.

Pollutants generate free radicals in our body. These very active oxygen molecules are one of the main causes for premature skin aging. They cause the so-called oxidative stress and harm thousands of healthy cells of the skin and the connective tissue. Skin may react with sensitivities, redness and deposits, acne-similar symptoms.

Inflamm-Aging is an age-induced skin problem and sooner or later affects all of us. The term Inflamm-Aging (aging caused by inflammations) stands for subliminal inflammatory processes which accelerate the skin aging. They are neither visible nor noticeable and can only be seen under a microscope. This is why they are frequently described as micro-inflammations. They mainly occur with increasing age.


  • Innovative product with double effect: Anti-Pollution & Inflamm-Aging + additional benefit:
  • Soothing of sensitive, irritated skin and intense moisture supply for moisture-deficient skin
  • Protects against harmful air pollutants (fine dust, heavy metals)
  • Strengthens the skin cell membranes and the protective effect of skin
  • Counteracts micro-inflammations
  • Helps to stop the degradation of collagen and elastin
  • Counters the premature, environmentally-induced skin aging
  • Improves the regeneration of skin
  • Prevents the development of pigment spots
  • Can be combined with any other skincare product

Active Ingredients:

Bio Protection PM2.5
Licorice root extract

To use:

In the mornings, after cleansing and clarifying, apply to skin, work in thoroughly and apply a cream. In the evenings, apply a skin-specific serum. ANTI-Pollution & Inflamm-Aging Serum and a skin-specific serum can also be applied both in the mornings and evenings on top of each other – skin layering.

Size: 30ml